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Off-line simulation of robotic workplaces

Nowadays, an off-line simulation of robotic workplaces and complete lines become an integral part of their design and subsequent implementation. Doubly true for the automotive industry, where every year brings increasing requirements on the project and its overall intensity. In the area of robotics simulation, the company Blumenbecker Prag offers solutions tailored to customer requirements. Using modern software tools and in accordance with the specifications of the customer we create a realistic work place simulation, from initial design concept through virtual construction up to an actual working process.

Benefits of robotic off-line simulation

  • Reducing the costs on physical prototype manufacture
  • Early detection of eventual problems
  • Quick verification of the production process
  • Optimization of cycle times
  • Minimizing production risks
  • Ergonomics and safety
  • Virtual authentication (PLC)

Robotic off-line simulation - what is possible...

The software for robotic simulation lets you work primarily with 3D models. An important function is a static and dynamic collision detection, which has a major impact on the functionality of the entire process, as well as early detection of the problem and the related cost reductions. For the primary concept it is also possible to use a 2D representation, which serves as a basic element for the design of the robotic process. Other important features for its simulation are:

  • Measurement
  • Distribution operations in sequence
  • Installation and robotic trajectory planning
  • Modeling Component (kinematics)
  • Design lines and workstations

Robotic off-line simulation - Video demonstration



The most common application areas

In parallel with the ever increasing deployment of industrial robots and robotic lines to various industries grows demand for their off-line simulations. This applies generally for any production and especially for automotive segment, which is given due to the large series in production emphasis on quality, functional process and shortening of the production cycle of the production line as a whole.

Our offer

We focus primarily on a off-line simulation (implemented outside the workplace). We can offer a multi-year experience in automotive industry, an experience with the creation and completion of the projects for Skoda Auto, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and others and with them related simulations. We also use simulation for the most common technologies, such as:

  • Point welding
  • MIG/MAG weldingí
  • Laser welding
  • Clinching
  • Riveting
  • Gluing

Technologies requiring special procedures can be done after mutual consultation. For the project design we use the following simulation software:

  • Process Simulate (Virtual verification of assembly line)
  • Process Designer (software for planning)
  • ROBCAD (alternative of Process Simulate)
  • Robot Expert (alternative of Process Simulate)

Simulation software works with standard JT ™ visualization. Input 3D data is usually supplied by the customer. In some cases, when the customer does not have this data available, this is manufactured directly by us. In this case, however, the simulation may not be wholly precise (for example when the source is an image coming from the production hall). The simulation output is normally provided in the aforementioned JT ™ format, unless it is set - after mutual agreement with the customer - in other way.

Why the robotic off-line simulation right from us ...

  • For robotic off-line simulation, Blumenbecker Prag offers an experienced team with a several-year experience.
  • We use the latest software tools and we have experience with the implementation of both large and small projects in industrial production.
  • We supply a comprehensive off-line simulation with the help of other specialists of our company.
  • To the potential customer we will present a rough draft of the proposed simulation solution (if the scope of work permits) via visualization data.

For the future we plan to introduce a digital commissioning process. It is based on the full working tool integration into a one unit and

Providing comprehensive solutions "from a single source."

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