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Robotic Machining

In recent years, robotic machining has become a promising area in industrial robotics and is being increasingly used. Compared to machining centres, robotic machining offers much greater flexibility in the range of possible applications and, most of all, more operating space. Accessories can also be used with these robots, for example, a two-axis positioner for two additional axes controlled synchronously with the robot’s movement. The robot can also be placed on a linear carriage, thus expanding the work space even more.Similarly to CNC machines, the robot can also make use of an automatic tool replacement device and change tools during the machining process.

Possible – typical – machining robot applications

  • Classic 3D and 5D milling of various materials (such as nonferrous metal, wood, plastic, etc.)
  • Sizing – cast burring (aluminium compounds, cast iron, etc.)
  • Grinding – cutting complex plastic shapes and composite materials
  • Machining car models in 1:1 scale
  • Laser/plasma cutting
  • Laser welding
  • Machining large wood or polystyrene models
  • Sanding, polishing, etc.

We use CAD/CAM software Autodesk PowerMill Premium to program the machining robot’s  trajectory. It includes 3D and 5D machining, as well as machining by industrial robots (KUKA, Stäubli, Fanuc, ABB, and others).

Possible – typical – machining worksite configurations

  • Spindle (electric/pneumatic) located on the robot, stationary object (fastened to a table)
  • Spindle located on the robot, object fastened to a revolving table
  • Spindle located on the robot, robot placed on a linear carriage
  • Spindle (or other tools) placed externally, away from the robot, object fastened to the robot

Robotic machining - programming

Our service

Blumenbecker Prag offers customized robotic machining solutions. Utilizing modern SW tools (Autodesk PowerMill, Siemens Process Simulate) and our own machining laboratories, we manage the following steps according to the customer’s order, leading to complete physical implementation of a robotic worksite:

  • Preparing the machining process simulation (software demonstration) with the objective of demonstrating the given application’s feasibility in a virtual environment.
  • Executing feasibility tests in our laboratories that analyse the machining ability of a robot on parts of an object.
  • Integrating the solution at the customer’s facilities, training the robot operating personnel, SW PowerMill training.
  • Technical support (robot programming, robot servicing, support in SW PowerMill).

Why get a machining worksite from us?

  • Blumenbecker Prag has an expert team with many years’ experience in industrial robotics.
  • We know the realistic possibilities of robots related to machining applications, including a maximum achievable accuracy of around tenths of a millimetre (measurements verified on Ballbar and Laser Tracker systems).
  • We use the PowerMill system, allowing problem-free handling of external positioners, carriages, etc., and thus control of up to 18 axes simultaneously (6x robot + 12 other axes) with  asynchronous robot movement and 5D machining.
  • We perform virtual experiments and/or realistic feasibility tests in a laboratory.
  • We are also involved in the development of improving robotic machining accuracy under the MPO TRIO project No. FV10412 “Improving the accuracy of industrial robot positioning for machining operations”.
  • We accurately calibrate the given tool and object’s position at the customer’s facilities using a measuring arm to maximize achievable accuracy and ensure problem-free operation at the given worksite.

As the exclusive SW PowerMill Premium integrator for robotic machining in the Czech Republic, we cooperate with our partner and supplier SW PowerMill – CAD CAM SYSTEMS  s.r.o. (

More information about robot machining can be found at our partner website:

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