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Machine Vision

Why to be interested in using industrial cameras ...

Machine vision and industrial cameras represent quite a new branch on the field of production line automation and become very popular especially because of that fact, that it brings a substantial time savings in company production costs. A quality check is the most frequent way of usage of industrial cameras, where ever the perfect product quality is a must. Thus both the number of reclamations is being restrained dramatically and a customer's confidence is being increased substantially. Some of our references can serve as an evidence of this trendy tendency.

Important parameters of industrial cameras

Most of today's produced cameras are equipped with an own processor and DO signals. So in case of not complicated applications, there is no need to use PC. This type of camera is also called a "smart camera". There is a big variability in using an advisible type of camera and its output power and the way of connectivity depend on concrete reqiurements of application For very demadning applications, a connection of a camera and PC is necessary.

One of the main parameters, that directly influence mainly an accuracy of meassuring is a camera resolution. It can be from 640x480 to 1600x1200 pixels. the standard resolution used is 1024x768 which is a cost-effective compromise between price and output power. The last newie used in industry is a 3-D camera, which is able to process a 3-D product profile. The usage of that is in a special application, where it's hard to diferentiate individual product parts by contract or colour, or when it's necessary to know the stereometric dimensions (e.g. for a volume meassuring).

A new feature used in industry is an industrial 3D color camera that can handle 3D profile of the product. Using is situated in applications where different parts of the product can not distinguished via color or it is necessary to know the role of spatial dimensions (e.g. measurement of volume).

Turn to us ...

Provided you are interested in camera systems and you are thinking of their usage in your production, don't hasitate to contact us. A simple implementation of the camera system into your existing production line can improve the product quality in a very short time...

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