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Laser welding

Laser - max. concetrated energy

Laser is basically a highly concentrated beam of light, which represents the largest concentration of energy produced by man. This makes it possible to use a laser beam as a very effective tool for tasks such as cutting, welding, soldering, surface, ablation (stripping of the surface layer), etc.

Laser welding technology

  • Welding without added material
  • Welding with added material
  • Soldering
  • Surfacing
  • Ablation
  • 3D cutting by robot

Efectivness of laser welding process

  • High speed welding processes (laser is as 8 times faster as TIG welding)
  • Slender heat material affection – reducing, or a complete elimination of subsequent machining
  • Smooth weld surface - minimal or even no subsequent grinding

Advantages of laser welding

  • High power density in the impact area - minimal material deformation
  • Heat is transferred into the material in a very short time - high speed of welding
  • Laser beam energy is able to melt any known material
  • Power input of heat into the material passes in a few milliseconds, allowing to make welds in the vicinity of the heat-sensitive material (glass, plastics)
  • Welds have high strength and poreless surface
  • Effectively deep welds can be made with material thickness up to 25 m
  • Laser beam can weld on difficult-to-reach places that it would otherwise not be possible to weld at all

Our offer

The Laboratory for Laser welding has been built up in a facility of the Research Institute of welding Slovakia, in Bratislava and in close collaboration with this institute. It offers a wide scope of possibilities to clients, who have decided to try or to use laser welding technology in their manufacturing process. The company Blumenbecker Slovakia Ltd. (a subsidiary company of Blumenbecker Prag Ltd.) offers following services to its prospective customers:

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