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Control Systems


For all designed computer systems – from simple programmable machines to efficient industrial computers and industrial robots with various operation and communication systems – we will design and debug software optimized for your industrial application. We design and program modern efficient Ethernet networks connecting production technology with company information system or with visualization software means (ICONICS, WINcc etc.)


To assemble your systems we arrange production of all non-standard components including protection coating according to your requirements.


  • Professional and complete assembly of delivered system
  • Control cabinet assembly
  • Sensor and actor placing
  • Electric drive mounting
  • Cable installation etc.


Our specialists will put into operation all delivered and installed systems. After an electrical revision according to valid restrictions, after function tests and optimal setting of the equipment or production line, they will hand it over to you with a protocolar act. Upon your request, they are ready to provide a training for your maintenance workers.


For all delivered machines and systems, we arrange an operational guarantee and post-guarantee service. We also provide other after-sale services, spare-part supplies, modernization of older machines and systems regardless of producer and supplier etc.

Complete overhaul, modernization

If you decide for the complete overhaul or modernization of your technology we are ready to help you in any phase of this process (pre-consultation, project documentation, programming, realization, commissioning etc.)

Huge experience and professional knowledge of our specialists together with turnkey delivery are great guarantees of your full satisfaction if you entrust your project to us!

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