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Association SKLAD Membership

Blumenbecker Prag is a member of a SKLAD Association, i.e. the Association of Competent Logisticians and Suppliers - more info here.



What the Association SKLAD can do for you:

  • We are an independent initiative of leading suppliers in the field of logistics and production.
  • We bring you new, modern and comprehensive solutions and help to create visions for innovation and your further growth.
  • In meeting your requirements, the partner companies are based on their rich practical experience and know-how.
  • We are trusted partners who support and trust each other.
  • No risk of the project being implemented or disproportionately increasing the costs of inadequate communication or inability to integrate between entities.
  • Supply of an automated "turnkey" warehouse of what-so-ever size...
  • Blumenbecker Prag provides control system solutions and all electrical equipment for conveyors, shelf pallets etc.


Members of SKLAD Association:

Mr. Zdeněk Bláha
Authorized representative
T: (+420) 225 511 301
M: (+420) 602 156 977

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