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Regulated drives in detail

How does it work?

  • Traditional solution used a mechanical belt transmission only, where rotation ratio was provided by level gears
  • Electronic solution is a machine set and a DC drive
  • Nowadays direct current buses with various connected changers resp. frequency converters are usually installed to supply common asynchronous squirrel-cage motors
  • Coupling between drives is provided via fast communication bus systems, e.g. PROFIBUS

Regulated drive solution

  • Simple, so called standard regulated drives are used for pumps and fans, machine tool pivots etc. Usually it is individual single-motor drive
  • Multi-motor drives including speed, synchronous or moment coupling between drives are used for paper machines, plate mills, rewinders etc.

Technical Devices Used

For regulated drive projects, SIEMENS offers the whole range of technical devices. This product portfolio is scalable according to max. electric output and recommended appliance purpose as well. Also a capability of appropriate software used must be in correspondence with these technical requirements.

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