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Robotic workplace replacing human labor when setting products or semi-finished products into start position in production line. The device completely replaces the often monotonous and strenuous activity of man, whose active role in the operation is cut down then only on supply of inputs for the machine, i.e. after emptying the previous container or pallet the next container, filled the objects is placed in the predetermined area and the machine work cycle can start again. The machine itself locates the objects, transfers them and places them precisely in predetermined position.

Your advantages

  • Precision of part detection is +/-2mm with size of bin 1200x800x500.  In case of smaller bin, precision is better, in case of larger bin its worse.
  • Cycle time is 8-25 seconds. Cycle time will be shorter if we can pick part from bin and directly deliver part to another process. If it’s needed to grab part from another side or rescan part for better identification, cycle time will increase.
  • One bin picking solution can handle more parts. Gripper of robot might be designed to handle more types of parts or gripper can be exchangeable. 
  • There could be also two bins with two robots under one longer camera portal. These robots could handle different parts.
  • It’s possible to pick parts also from conveyor belts.
  • Robot collision free trajectory is computed for entire robot path in advance.

Video demonstration of our BIN PICKING solution



One-stop Solution

Four basic parts of the robotic workplace

  • The Box (pallet, cage etc.) as an “Input“, inside of which are products intended for further processing.
  • The Robot as a “strong fatigue-free arm“. The machine is independent on the robot manufacturer (Kuka, ABB, Fanuc, Kawasaki..).
  • The Gripper, or a grip mechanism. It is designed according to the shape of the product which is handled. The emphasis is placed on accuracy and strength of grip without damaging the  product surface.
  • The 3D camera SICK Ranger as „robot eyes“, and a special software, that gives the intelligence to these eyes. The camera locates the product and navigates the robot successfully. Without collisions and as fast as possible.

Feasibility test

  • Practical verification of  the estimated machine work cycle and the test whether the designed method of handling will not damage your product.

Technical parameters

  • The typical scene of 1200x800x500 mm. Size of the scene can be customized to the product size. – in general, the size is limited by the reach of the robot arm.
  • Machine work cycle 12 – 25 seconds (dle tvaru výrobku – e.g. axial symmetry, distinction of rub-face sides  etc.)
  • Communication between the PC and PLC via bus Ethernet, between PLC and the robot via standard field buses (Profinet, Profibus ..).
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Project Manager - Cameras
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