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Machine Vision & Cameras

AGC Automotive Bílina s.r.o.
Czech Republic
2008 Assembly line- robot guided by camare, the gluing of rear view mirror Programming of robots, 2x KUKA KR16 Floor + camera KEYENCE Robot KUKA, camera KEYENCE, DeviceNet

CONTINENTAL Automotive Systems, Division Jičín
Czech Republic

2007 Assembly line - robot guided by camare, S-piston assembly Robot KUKA programming 1x KUKA KR5 sixx R850 + camera Cognex In-Sight 5401 Robot KUKA
camera COGNEX
DENSO Manufactoring Czech s.r.o.,
Czech Republic
2008 2 camera check workplaces - cooler code checking Programming and visualization of camera SICK IVC-2D FATEC
  2007 4 output check workplaces, camera check of seal seating in cooler groove Programming and visualization of the movement of camera SICK IVC-3D FATEC
Robert Bosch s. r.o.,
České Budějovice

Czech Republic
2014 Welding workplace - the guiding of the laser welding beam TRUMPF PFO 33 Programming & visualization cameras COGNEX In-Sight 5100 Ethernet

s.n.o.p. CZ, a.s., Písek,
Czech Republic

2013 Welding workplace - identification of the mother on weldment Programming & visualization cameras SICK Inspector Binary communication
Škoda - Auto, a.s.,
Mladá Boleslav
Czech republic
2013 Reading bar-code and 2D code of the body - finish, project SK253 (Fabia) Programming & visualization cameras SICK IVC-2D Ethernet
ZF Staňkov s.r.o., Staňkov
Czech Republic
2014 Camera checking the complexity of the part in production lineControl system ET200S IM151/8 F PN/DP, 4x camera
Keyence CV150
Simatic ET200SIM151/8, ProfiNet
ZKL Hanušovice, a.s.

Czech Republic
2008 Output check - robotic camera check of tube dimensions The programming and visualization of a camera SICK IVC-3D

camera SICK

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